Asian girls in the sex industry

01 July, 2019 Naomi Collins - Editor

There are thousands of Asian escorts in the UK, who generally come from Thailand, Malaysia, China and Japan.
Asian women are known for their effortless beauty and tiny frames. However, there is often a darker side to these tiny beauties.
The media has reported on their links to strange and dangerous porn, that showcases fetishes such as 2 girls one cup and “eel porn”.
Bondage is also something that the Asian porn industry strives in turning over Billions a year for their violent and bizarre videos. The producers take bondage to a new level with things such as forced orgasms and red raw skin productions, which get millions of views a month from all over the globe.
Social media has turned Asian women viral for eating live animals, such as squid, shrimp and other multi legged sea creatures. One features a young Japanese woman about to chomp down a live baby octopus, when it suddenly attacks her and attaches itself to her face, the fate of the baby octopus isn't clear after the vicious attack, but I believe it was perfectly valid. Who wants to be eaten alive?
Women working as escorts in the UK adult industry have also faced allegations of sex trafficking and being the hard face boss of sex rings.
Netflix made a documentary called “Traffickers”, about an Asian woman taking work in an in-call apartment in London, who secretly filmed her experiences through a camera in her thick rimmed glasses, secretly meeting with the film director to swap batteries and give feedback on her ordeal.
Although she only took the job as the house maid and receptionist for the rest of the girls working in the house, was bullied and railroaded into sex work. Lucky for her she had the support of the documentary makers who quickly removed her from the brothel and confronted the woman for her illegal and threatening behaviour. Who was reported to the police and outed on one of the world’s most watched media platforms!
When you look to book an Asian escort, it is important that you consider the following.
-is she happy?
-check her physical appearance and hygiene. Is she well dressed, are there any physical marks on her body or does she seem malnourished?
-where is she working? A house? An apartment? Are her surroundings in good condition? Clean sheets and washing facilities?
-How are her mannerisms? Does she seem to be overly nervous or have anxiety problems?
-How is her English? Does she understand what you mean when you discuss the services?
-How did you make the booking? Did you speak with her or someone else?
-Did you meet anyone else when attending the booking? How was their behaviour, did it come across as threatening towards the escort?
If you answered these questions, and found yourself feeling that there is something wrong with the escort you have spent time with , you should attempt to speak to her about your concerns and see if she will open up about the place she is working. If this unearths some illegal activity it is your responsibility to report this. You should also look at the website you used to find the escort and alert them of your worries.
By working together to fight against trafficking of Asian girls and girls from the rest of thr world, we can make the sex industry a much safer and happier place for the ladies to work.
Asian escorts in London have a monopoly in the city: there are several high-class Asian specialist agencies, targeting businessmen who have a passion for exotic women. Asian girls who work for this type of London agency earn well and are treated with respect, which they may not encounter with other types of sex work companies.
Sexy Asian escorts, who offer in-call escort services in the centre of London have a selection of stunningly beautiful, happy escorts who enjoy spending time with their clients out on the town as well as in the privacy of their luxury apartments.
When booking an Asian escort please look for escort agencies such as who are an established agency.


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