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12 March, 2019 Guest writer: Joanna 23. Independent escort in Dublin Ireland

Can women book escorts for themselves?

The answer is yes. It can be done and there is no shame in it. A lot of women seem to turn their nose up at the idea of paying for sex or using an escort service. However, it’s totally legitimate, after all, why should men be the only people who have fun? Some women may hire a female escort to please their partner and spice up their sex lives. This isn't uncommon and can really heat up a stale sex life. In this instance, the women may wish to just watch her husband enjoy the body of the escort, or she

may join in. Having a threesome with a bi-sexual escort can be a great way to explore your sexual fantasies but only ever try it with a partner who you feel comfortable with.

A threesome can be really daunting if it is something that you have never done before, so both parties must be comfortable with the idea otherwise jealousy could rear its ugly head and cause trust issues in the relationship.

Male escorts are also available for hire and can also be booked for couples who want to experiment and or have a sexual adventure. However, it is also incredibly common for a lady to book a male escort for her own personal use. Many businesswomen, who spend a lot of time away from home choose to book male escorts for companionship. This may be for an event, occasion or a trip to a different city. Although it is rarely discussed, the male escort will often have sex with his client.

This can be a great form of stress relief for the women or an escape from married life and motherhood. Because this is a business transaction between the lady and client, it means that no feelings are involved, it is a purely an act of physical human need and means she can return to her life once the encounter is over, without the guilt that comes from a deceitful affair or sneaking around. The time she spent with the male escort would be strictly business and stay away from her everyday life.

In the years in which I have run an escort agency, I have also had women contact me to book a female escort for themselves. Bi-sexual escorts are happy to see female clients one on one. Most enjoy the break from constant male clients, as it gives them the chance to have a session with another female.

A female/female appointment does not mean that the client is a lesbian. Having sexual interaction with another woman or using toys to do so, does not make the client a lesbian. It may be the case that the client has always wanted to explore and experiment with the idea of being with another lady. This commonly known as bi-curious.

Once married or in a long-term relationship, some might find it awkward to discuss new sexual urges with their partner, due to the fear that it will not be reciprocated. Booking a one on one, discreet appointment with a bi-sexual escort, means that the lady can fulfil her urges and not feel that she has to justify or put labels on why she feels the need to do it.

It is 2019, and sexuality has become a much more openly discussed topic. Lots of new sexual terms have entered the English language. Pansexual and Asexual to name just a few. With this in mind it is much more common for a lesbian or bi-sexual woman to openly treat herself to a night of passion with an escort. Whereas a few years ago it may have been something they would be ashamed of, meaning that they weren’t confident enough to make the booking. This is especially common in towns and cities that are known as Gay capitals and host celebrations like Gay pride and have an LGBT community. In England, Brighton and Manchester, hold these events each year, providing a fantastic street party that celebrates the freedom and right to be a homosexual.


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