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11 June, 2019 Naomi Collins - Editor

We speak to thousands of escorts across our escort directory and we often have reports of ladies and gentlemen struggling to keep their life private, and how they are often hunted down on social media by clients and other sex industry workers.
We wanted to write this article to give you some top tips on how to keep your working life separate from your private social media!

10 top tips to keep sex and social media separate.

1. Use an alias

90% of sex workers, both in the porn and escorting industry, use a fake name while at work. But if your true identity is discovered, try using an alias on social media. For example, if your name is Kathrine Jane Smith, on social media, then you could use Kathy. J. S or Kathrine jane. Try to keep your name vague, so you are harder to find.

2. Make all your social media accounts private

Ensure that your profile can only be found by friends of friends or only if you search for them. By turning your account private, only people you are friends with will be able to see your posts, profile pics, and pictures you have uploaded. Along with personal information and who you are friends with.

3. Do not use your Facebook images on your working profiles

The amount of people who do this is crazy! Even if you have covered your face and blurred anything distinctive in your advertising images, the photograph will still be identified in other ways, so people will know it is you if it is on your social media. Remember image searching technology is only going to improve in the future!

4. Use a separate phone for work

The best way to keep your working life separate from your everyday life is to always use a separate phone for work. This will also stop you from being disturbed out of working hours by persistent clients, it also means that you can't accidentally share any of your private personal information with clients.

5. Social media and phone number linking

Do not have your phone number on social media, whether it is your personal phone number or your working one. Did you know, that if you save someone bodies phone number in your phone and their number is on social media, it will automatically come up in the "people you may know" section on Facebook. Another reason for you to have separate phones!

6. In-calls and personal information

If you are an in-call escort, then you should pay extra special attention to your surroundings. Ensure you do not leave anything lying around the premises that has your personal information on it. Take all letters home or put them in draws and safe places that the client will not see.

7. Laptops and electronics

Again, if you are offering in-calls, do not leave your laptop or I-pad open while a client is present if they are left alone for just a few minutes, then that laptop or iPad can give them the key to your universe! Not just access to your social media but also your internet banking and all your personal info!

8. Passwords for everything

Make sure that all your electronic devices are locked with a password, and time out after a short period of time. This will stop anyone who is snooping from gaining access to your personal information.

9.Do not look for clients on social media

Although it might be tempting to see what your client's life is like, their wife? Family? Recent holiday? Do not look! because once the social media platform knows you have searched for their name and clicked their profile, it will assume you know each other, which means your profile will then appear in their " people you may know section".

10.Knowing the background of your photo

While taking a sexy photoshoot, make sure that nothing in the background is recognisable. No photos of other people, nothing personalised, nothing that could show how or where you spend your personal time, you don't want your client showing up in your local village hall, knowing you will be in there for your Zumba class! Keep the image backgrounds as plain as possible! After all, you want to be the focus of the image.
We hope this has helped you to keep your sex work and social media separate. Follow these 10 easy steps and you will feel safer online and keep your personal life private!
Naomi and the team x

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