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26 March, 2019 Guest writter - Laura Whitting - Agency owner

A lot of escorts start their journey by joining an escort agency. This way you have the security of someone vetting your appointments, looking out for you, and ensuring that you are safe.
Many agencies will provide a driver for their escorts, which means that the escort doesn’t need to worry about driving if they wish to have a drink with their client, or if they are choosing to live the party girl, escort lifestyle.
A driver is also useful because it means that you won’t get lost or rely on expensive taxi journeys when you visit a client.

What is expected of an agency escort?

When representing an escort agency, you must always look the part. Dress appropriately, sexy but sophisticated. Your makeup and hair must always be perfect.
You are expected to be a good timekeeper, organised and be able to communicate well with the receptionist and driver.
It’s essential that the escort agency knows your whereabouts at all times while on shift. It is their duty of care to make sure you are safe and happy.
You must ensure that you leave the appointment on time, have collected the correct money from a client and given good service to the client, so he uses the agency again and hopefully becomes a repeat booker.

Escort Agency fees

Escort agency fees differ from place to place. You must always earn more than the agency as you are the person doing the service. However, the fee’s or “donation” the agency takes covers all your advertising, which can be incredibly expensive!
The agency may also provide you with a driver that you have to pay from your share of the fees. Ensure you have agreed a fixed price with the driver before attending any appointments.

Refusing appointments

When you join an escort agency you will usually be asked for a brief overview of the services you are happy to offer. You will be asked this as it is important the receptionist doesn't send you to appointments you will not be comfortable in and offer the services the client is looking for. For example, if a client is looking for an escort to have anal sex with, and you do not offer this service it will put you in a very difficult and vulnerable situation if you are sent to see that particular client.
It is important you are confident when telling the receptionist what services you are happy with if you wish to say they are to your discretion this is also ok.
It is your right to refuse appointments. If you go to an appointment and you do not feel safe, you leave and explain to the agency why you felt this way.
If you go to an appointment and the client is physically or mentally abusive, you should leave and call the agency. You can also contact the police on 999 or if it is a non-emergency but you wish to report the client please call 101 and give a full account of the abuse you suffered.
Escort agencies must respect your wishes and cannot make you do anything you don't want too. So, if there is a reason why you want to refuse an appointment they must accept this. However, it is important not to cry wolf or refuse appointments for a silly reason, such as you don't find the client attractive. The escort agency will be paying hundreds of £ to advertise you and bring you jobs, so it is important that you don't waste their money, as it may lead to you being dropped from the agency.

Escort agency joining fee

Please don't ever pay fees to join an escort agency, unfortunately, most of the time it is a scam. You may be told that the fees go towards your photographs or your advertising. However, 90% of the time this is not the case.
If you are handling a lot of the agency money it is not uncommon for the agencies to ask for a deposit, this is just while you get to know each other, and they can be sure that you won’t run away with the fees.
Read reviews before you join escort agencies. There are hundreds of escort forums that discuss the best and worst agencies to work for.
Always make sure the escort agency you join is the right one for you and has your best interests at heart.

interview with an escort agency

If you are ever invited for an interview, it is advised to take a friend with you. If you are invited in for an interview and are told you are required to have sex or perform any type of sexual activity in the interview, please leave immediately and contact the police. Unfortunately, some men pose as agency owners and manipulate women into free sex. This counts as borderline rape and is illegal.
Always remember that everything you do is your choice. No means no, and you are entering the sex industry for your own gain and no one else's.

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