6 seductive and sexy way to put on a condom

01 July, 2019 Hollie indepdent escort & Blogger

We all know condoms aren't sexy, if anything they are a hindrance when we are mid-flow and horny as hell. However, condoms are a very important factor to both your personal relationships and your relationships with your clients.

Here is a short guide to 6 sexy ways you can put a condom on!

Making condoms fun and sexy is a great way to keep the erotic energy flowing while with a client.

Use your mouth.

-It might seem strange, but this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Put the condom in your mouth with the bobble tip towards your throat. Ensure the penis is erect and ready then slowly position the condom on the end of the head. Using just your lips to roll the condom over the head of the penis and down the shaft. When you have gone as far as you can you can then use just the tips of your fingers to make sure it is secure.

OWO tease and tame

- If you are performing OWO on your partner, take him as close to climax as he can take. When he thinks he is going to cum stop, take a condom out and very slowly apply it to the tip of the penis. Try to roll the condom down over the shaft with 2 long strokes with your hands. Once the condom is on turn around and present your pussy to him in the doggy style position. This new sensation and the brief break in pleasure should give him the need to build up to orgasm again. Making the session last longer and getting you your kicks as well.


-Get wet and wild with plenty of lube. Give your partner a sexy slow hand-job with lots of lube, long strokes and ball creasing will drive him wild. The silky lube means your hand will glide over the shaft and using a mix of light and firm grips and strokes will drive him wild. The lube will also help the condom to slip on and roll down smoothly with no awkwardness.


- The sex position 69 is always a favourite, you get the best of both worlds, both being orally pleasured this means that while you slip the condom your partner will have a mouth full of pussy to worship. This is a great distraction and will drive him wild. What man does not like a hot sexy woman sitting on his face?

The commander

- Men love to be in charge in the bedroom. Get on your knees and let him take control. Dominance is sexy. get him to hold you by the hair or the back of the neck while you look up at him with lustful eyes, from here you can tease the penis with kissing, sucking and stroking while he takes control of your movements. When he is really to go to the main event, say submissive things like "please fuck me" and "I want to feel your big cock inside of me". Do this with firm eye contact while you roll the condom down his shaft. The confidence from your eye contact and the submissive nature will drive him wild while he feels he is in control.

Dirty talk

- Once foreplay is over, position yourself behind your man, hand him the condom and instruct him to put it on. While he is fiddling around with putting it on his penis, start to whisper naughty things in his ear. What you would like him to do to you, what turns you on about him. Kiss and tickle his neck and ears, the erogenous zones and dirty talk will make him get that condom on quickly as he won't be able to wait to get inside you.


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