Being recognised as a sex worker

10 July, 2019 Hollie independent escort & Blogger

There is nothing worse than being in Tesco and having a punter approach you. Especially if you are with your family or friends, who don't know about your career choices.

It is bizarre to us, why the punter would think it’s a good idea to say hello, call us by our working name, and ask if they can come and see us soon.

Surely they know that we lead a double life?

Surely they know that we don't showcase our chosen profession, especially if our faces are covered in all our advertising.

But how do we avoid punters in public?

If this happens and you are with family or friends who are shocked by the whole exchange, just play along with it. Once they have gone, laugh and say you have no idea who they are and that they are clearly confused.

You do not suddenly need to confess that you are an escort or a sex worker. If they continue to question you about the conversation, stick to your guns. You don't know the person and have never seen them before in your life. With luck and if your companion isn’t persistent this should be enough of an answer for them.

Don't work and live in the same town

In other words, don’t shit where you eat! Ladies I know it’s hard and in all honesty I worked from my own home for years, as I didn't want to be paying out for my mortgage at home and rent on different apartment to work from. If you do insist on working from your hometown, but you are scared of getting recognised in public and discovered by your family and friends, I suggest you venture further, when you want to go shopping or you want to have a night out on the town.

This way you have less chance of bumping into one of your clients, if they also live locally.

Sex work and social media

Avoid putting pictures of you that are on social media on your escort adverts, even if your face is covered.

We may think that men are the dumber sex, but they can definitely recognise a woman when they see the same picture on two sites, they will even play spot the difference if they think they have just found a escort’s personal profile.

To find out your true identity and see into your personal life gives men a little kick, they feel they have uncovered a huge secret and that they now know you on a personal level.

It is best to keep all of your social media accounts private and under names that don't give your full first and second name.

Contacted on personal accounts

If your punters do find you on social media and decide to drop you a message to say how chuffed they are that they found you, the best thing to do is block them straight away. You don't want to be sparking up a friendship with them outside of your professional relationship. This way they may start commenting on your photos and you will be concerned that they may cross your boundaries at any point and expose that you are an escort to your whole social media account.

If you block them straight away without contact, don't worry that you have lost a client. I am confident they will be too tempted to contact you again to see why you blocked them or to even check it was you.

You can either say it wasn't you and you don't know what they are talking about or admit it was you and say you keep your working life and home life very separate. So, you can't speak to them with social media, you have your work phone to speak to clients.

Always be very strong and confident about this. At the end of the day, the client needs to understand not to overstep the mark and that this is not a relationship. It is, in fact, a transaction between two consenting adults and they need to respect your privacy.


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User image Christina Kent 11/13/2019 11:15:55 PM

I've had that but people finding out I do escort work I just deny it

User image James Roberts 11/23/2019 7:40:30 PM

I’m sorry for going off the subject, but can any Ladies or Men, that might read this, tell Me wether I should add photos to my profile. I’m only into, meeting up with Women, but I don’t want to be exposed, as a sex worker........

User image Carly Waters 1/6/2020 9:32:45 PM

Good advice