I was forced into a car meet by agency

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Hollie, I am an outcall escort. I work for an agency in Bournemouth which I have been at for 2 months. It was all going well until they sent me to a car meet (well truck) and I felt really cheap and threatened. Should agencies be offering car meets? I tried to refuse the appointment, but the receptionist said I don't have a legitimate reason to refuse it.

I don't want to do this again… what can I do??

Anonymous, Bournemouth agency escort


I have always said, never visit clients anywhere other than a house or hotel.

The agency shouldn’t be sending you to car meets, quite frankly it's not safe. Having sex in cars and trucks is not illegal, but if you are careless about where the car is parked, and you were to get caught, then you could face a hefty fine.

This is not a fixed address, so if something were to happen, they would not be able to trace the person. The agency cannot force you to do anything that you don't want to, you are free to refuse any job that you don’t want to do, otherwise it would be classified as pimping, which is illegal. I suggest you move agencies: you can try to speak to them, and express your concerns, however there is nothing to say it won't happen again.

If you have contact with the owner of the agency, I would ensure that they know why you are leaving, so they can train their receptionist better and are made aware that you have been forced into appointments.

Please never visit cars, trucks, caravans, and boats: anything that can move is a straight no! And you never have to do anything that you don't want to. If you feel strongly about the way the agency treated you, you should also report them to the police on 101 and they will be investigated. If this is happening to you, who is to say it isn't happening to the other girls?

Hope this has helped, get yourself out of there and stay safe!

Hollie x


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