Squirting is it really a thing

14 August, 2019 Hollie independent escort & blogger

Is the female ejaculate real? Or is this unicorn of sex juice a fiction?

This has been an unanswered question for many years. A Lot of people don't believe that "squirting" is a real thing. Many people believe that it’s in fact, just pee.

That all these porn stars who scream in ecstasy, as they’re squirting are in fact just letting out short spurts of pee when the moment is right.

Another rumour in the industry is that porn stars use small liquid tablets, which they insert into their vaginas and when the tablet is penetrated the tablet explodes and releases the lubricated liquid which can then be pushed from the vagina at force.

There have been scientific tests done on the liquid that is expelled from the vagina due in orgasm.

Some women "cream" which is when a thicker milk colour liquid comes from the vagina, this is not expelled out and tends to seep out slowly.

Scientists says the female ejaculate that is described as squirting is made up of several compounds, one of which is urine.

Therefore, this is not like a man's ejaculate, which is only caused by an orgasm.

While there are parts of urine and parts lubricate that comes from a woman's vagina when she is sexually excited, it is not yet proven where this liquid is made. Or what part of the vagina the liquid is released from.

Although squirting is sexually arousing to most men, it is in fact very messy and can leave a very fragrant scent behind.

"Squirting" is something only 10% of women can do, and this is not normally induced from vaginal penetration, more often coming from stimulation of the G-spot.

Only 20% of women, on average, can reach an orgasm from vaginal penetration a lot. 70% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm or a combination of both penetration and clitoral.

10% of women claim to have never had an orgasm from sex with a partner and can only reach an orgasm from self-masturbation with their hand or with the help of sex toys.



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