When Agency fees are stolen

29 June, 2019 Hollie Indepdnet escort & Blogger

DM message from an escort agency in Newcastle

Hey Hollie, so seeing as you seem to know a lot about this industry and have worked in most fields, I was wondering do you know the answer to this?!

Recently we have had several girls steal from our agency! They don’t pay the fees and I’m on the point of closing my Newcastle escort agency because I can’t afford to pay for the escort advertising!

What can I do?! Because at the moment

My hands are tied and I’m incredibly frustrated!

Monica x

Hey Monica, thanks for getting in touch. The answer is yes. You can do something! Answer these 3 questions.

1. Are you registered as a business?

2. Do you pay your taxes?

3. Do you have a record of the appointment (the escort receiving the address, confirming and clocking in and out)

If the answer is yes to all of the above, you can do the following:

Take the person in question to the court, this will need to be a small claims court and may cost you money, however, if they have stolen a substantial amount of money from you then it is worth following through in a small claims court.

If the amount of money is large, then you could contact the police. Call them on 111 and explain the situation, please do not call 999 as it is not an emergency.

You don't need to say you are an escort agency, you can just say you are a booking agent and fees have been stolen from your business.

You need to make sure you have a record of the person, I am hoping that when you took this person onboard to work at the agency, that you got copies of their ID and a recent proof of address. As you are registered as a business and you have clearly provided them with the service, but they have failed to pay the fees this is theft from a business.

If you still have contact with the escort, via phone or text, it would be a good idea to call them and explain that if the fees aren't paid in X amount of time you will be taking this further.

From my experience, more often or not your fees will appear in your bank account.

Hope this has helped! don't stress it will all come together in the end!


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