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Client Eye:

This new app launched in 2018 is a great way to be able to report suspicious or dangerous clients quickly and easily all from your mobile phone. This app has several groundbreaking features that protect sex workers and stop you from booking with clients who have been previously reported. The app works anonymously but brings people working in the sex industry together, to help stop time wasters, harassment and bad appointments.

National Ugly Mugs:

Ugly Mugs is a fantastic charity for sex workers, the site and app gives you the ability to report dangerous or questionable clients as well as receiving alerts that other sex workers have sent out about their clients. So you can avoid any dangerous encounters.

The English Collective of Prostitutes:

This charity works to help sex workers understand their rights and how they can work safely inside the law. The English collective of prostitutes has been a strong backbone for people working in the sex industry for many years and will continue to fight for the rights of sex workers in the UK.

Swarm Collective :

This group was created and continues to be run by working girls who have experienced first hand the dangers and emotions that working the sex industry can bring. SWARM which stands for Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement continues to campaign for the rights and safety of sex workers in the UK and holds meetings and support group around the country as well as events to show their ongoing support.





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